Taiji Master Pamela Hiley on Inner Peace Leading to Outer Peace

Interview with Taiji Master Pamela Hiley from Body Mind Spirit Festival in Norway.

Mathematics, emptiness and taiji

Dedicating my practice at Angkor Wat Cambodia 2019

Pamela Hiley dedicating Taijiquan to Granddaughter Robin Hiley for her first meeting with Snow 26th December 2020

Practice Teachers Trainers 2019/2020 @ Tronfjell Peace University.

Moving humanity cleansing it’s roots of behaviour  One Breath One Mind One Kind

Morning practice with the rising sun at Dharma Mountain Summer Retreat 2019 Check out this years summer retreat!

The video is made at Bygdøy, Oslo in the summer of 2019. It is intended to inspire and support more practice of qigong especially for those students who have already learnt the form of Baduanjin with NTS. Contact us for courses in Qigong and Taiji @ www.taiji.no

Baduanjin is one of the oldest and most practiced forms of Qigong in the world dating back over 1000 years ago. It`s practiced as a medical form of qigong, strengthening the bones and sinews and empowering the immune system. Often practiced together with Martial Arts such as Taijiquan. This video is best used as a supplement to students who have already completed the Baduanjin course with Norsk Taiji Senter.

This was the opening of our new Taiji Centre at Skur 49. Arne Næss punched his way through a Yin Yang symbol at 8 secs past 8 minutes past 8 on the 08.08.2008 at the same time as the opening of the Beijing Olympics. This film is taken in Moss at the exhibition of Marian Heyerdahl's exhibition of Women Terracotta Soldiers for Peace. Its also a picture of Pamela giving the Chinese Ambassador her first lesson of Taiji on the roof of the Oslo Opera House.

Listen and be inspired by this short film clip on the universal boundlessness of the Dao, by our dear teacher Pamela Hiley. The clip is made in China this summer by film maker William Jobling, assisted by Kjell Tjensvoll www.taiji.no

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