Taiji (Tai Chi) lineage

Yang style, Cheng Man Ching short form

The teaching at Norsk Taiji Senter stems from Yang style short form as developed by Professor Cheng Man Ching. Professor Cheng was a master of the five excellences. He was the first and most influential master to teach Taiji (Tai Chi) in the West.
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Pamela had several teachers connected to Cheng Man Ching. The first and in some ways the most important teacher was Dr. John Kells of The British Tai Chi Chuan Association; a senior student of Dr. Chi Chiang Tao. His soft approach to the Pushing Hands practice is the basis of the practice at Norsk Taiji Senter.

After 10 years she was lucky enough to be introduced to Grandmaster Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo; one of Master Cheng’s closest students. Master Lo had numerous courses in Norway and was strong influence in developing Taiji (Tai Chi) practice in Norway.

A few years later Pamela was introduced to Grandmaster William C. C. Chen, and his system of Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) and Body Mechanics. In more recent years she studied with Master Wee Kee Jin a senior student of Grandmaster Huang from Malaysia.

Other influences

Pamela also met Qigong Master Zhi Xing Wang who opened up a deeper dimension on transforming and working with Qi (Chi). This brought more insight and perspective within the spiritual aspect of the Dao (Tao).

Another Qigong master; Li Jun Feng, introduced Pamela to his teacher Grandmaster Gong Chang. On her first trip to China she visited Grandmaster Chang and stayed with him in his home in Wuji. After which she travelled to Taiyuan for the first international conference on Taiji. There she met Grandmaster Yang Zhen Duo and his grandson Yang Jun.

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