Seeds of Silence

"Seeds of Silence are planted in the environment when we practice Taijiquan with Deep Dao intent. The silent seed cultivated during the quiet practice of Taijiquan naturally energizes the environment and continues to work in the field of where we practiced after we have left to support Dao Now. 
This supports Global Warming at the deepest level which is Global Warming of the Heart"

quote Pamela Hiley

Seeds of Silence er “community practice” hvor Norsk Taiji Senter tar treningen ut i nærmiljøet og sår frø av stillhet.

Seeds of Silence på morgentrening, Oslo Operataket

Mandag, onsdag of fredag om våren og sommeren starter vi dagene med morgentrening på Operataket 0730-0830. Dette er en trening for hele Oslo befolkning med Norsk Taiji Senter.

Seeds of Silence Garden

Our Seeds of Silence Garden was inaugurated together with the Guatemalas Ambassador
Mrs. Marta Eulalia Estrada Xicara on Friday April 13th 2014. It was a beautiful ceremony where we honoured Mother Earth and made blessings and dedications for the growth our our garden. An oasis in the heart of Oslo. The Per Gynt rose was planted to honour the memory of why Pamela Hiley first came to Norway through the Per Gynt Stemnet at Vinstra.

Seeds of Silence planted on Kulturnatt 11 September 2015 med Chinese Ambassador Zhao

The Peoples Republic of China`s Ambassador Zhao, Oslo`s Cultural Director Hilde Barstad and Pamela Hiley planting the Ginko tree for Peace and Friendship between China and Norway.

A beautiful ceremony with sword performance by Pamela Hiley to Greigs Per Gynt, morgenstemning. Ambassador Zhao mentioned hearing his first peice of classical music which was morgenstemning by Greig. He then went on to speak about how deep cultural understanding can create a better understanding between people and that Taijiquan is an excellent practice to create this from within the body. Hilde Barstad mentioned how deep dialogue can be created through the silent practice of Taijiquan to build bridges of truth and understanding for humanity at this time. Ms Barstad has practiced Taiji herself for 25 years and so this turned into a profoundly meanful and close ceremony between those present. Deep Dao Dialogue.

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