Mastering Change  - Intensive weekend retreat for advanced class practioners and teachers

The weekend will focus on Taijiquan Form, Daoist Meditation, Personal Reflection and gaining a deeper understanding of The Golden Thread Teachings -a system evolved by Pamela Hiley and the evolution of Norsk Taiji Senters constellation of close persons present.





How ones practice evolves depends on the consistancy of practice and how much perserverance we have to stay relaxed. This enables us to listen more clearly to what is in all levels of our lives. 

The cultures of China and Norway with a touch of Wales  has created the great melting pot of what Norsk Taiji Centre has become with many visiting guests from all over the world. This has enabled us to have a truly innate sense of what it is to be global and manifesting it locally. 

Great inspiration has been had for us from the nature of Norway reflected profoundly in the teachings within the root of the Chinese Culture. Again and again Daoism and Taiji moving its sacred knowledge within us serving humanity at the deepest level of oneness and unity.

Norsk Taiji Senter is rooted in this nature based philosophy. This is our way for including humanity as a whole and appreciating the earth as a natural organic organism. This is a philosophy that represents the wholeness and interconnected consciousness of humanity.

Through the years, Norsk Taiji Senter has invited people from different spiritual traditions to share wisdom, knowledge and experience and how they feel whole. These deep dialogues have allowed us to explore how spirituality can serve people of today’s society.

We invite you in to share experience and practice – searching together for a language and a space to create it. To realize that we are all beings with a spirit. How we can talk and communicate is not only through words, but through vibration and energy.

"Begin with the body to embody from within."  Pamela Hiley

Lets Practice Practice Practice together towards truth, transparency, tolerence.

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