Daonation was launched at the Nobel Peace Institute September 20th, 2013. Celebrating Norsk Taiji Senters 30 momentous years honouring peace from within. The occassion was blessed by His Excellency Ogjen Sangda Ralpi Dorjee from Bhutan, Chinese Taiji Master Zhong Xueyong from Wudangshan and Tibetan Lama Changchup. The 150 strong gathering walked a symbolic peace from within march from The Nobel Peace Institute and opened the new Norsk Taiji Senter in the center of Kvadraturen. 

The occassion was graced by Proffessor Emeritus Harald Bøchman from SUM UiO who helped facilitate the deep dialogue between the delegation. the dialogue together with Professor of Chinese Halvor Eifring from UiO.

Daonation has manifested to support deep dialogue with perspective in Dao.

Also enable us to practice givig unconditionally for a better world.

To open and facilitate what was into what is. 

To unfold a Nation growing in Dao with natures way.

Reflecting on what is health, wealth & peace?

Proffessor Emeritus Harald Bøchman from SUM UiO facilitated the dialogue together with Professor of Chinese Halvor Eifring from UiO.

Seeds of Silence

Building Bridges with Breath we have come to learn that to serve the sacred and listen to the pulse of the earth through self actualisation is our only way forward to recreate the harmony and balance with Nature that is needed.

Humanity is yearning to nestle its soul into the calm of profound personal presence. Embodying kindness, love, compassion. Coming back to the body as it is to realise we already have what we are looking for.

We have enough.

There is a Daonation donation box at the Taiji Senter for contributions to Daonation Bhutan, supporting people in need in Bhutan. send email to pamela@taiji.no for more information.


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Norsk Taiji Senter has been a Sanctuary for a gathering of the Norwegia community in Search of the Dao.

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