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Once your within

There is no without

Pamela Hiley 1.1.2023

Sitting quietly

Meditating on the breath 

We are Building Bridges with the Breath

A Breath to our home lying innate with us

Holding a gentle focus on the breath guides us to nestle into the profound pulse aligning us to a force of nature lying deep with us. Just a breath away.

The Breath builds the bridge to the body where lies all we ever had.

Daoist meditation cultivates living in harmony with nature or dao. We will make some references to dao deh jing in our weekly practice.

Next course begins Wednesday 6th September 2023, 7-8.30pm

Each week costs Kr.250,- or Dao Donation for a Daonation

Vipps: 91160581

Teacher: Pamela Hiley

Vi har åpent hus for alle hver mandag fra kl 16:30 - 17:30 hvis du er interessert i å lære mer om senteret og hva vi tilbyr.

For videre info og andre spørsmål send email til Pamela Hiley: eller ring henne på tlf 911 60 581

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