Ny Qigong klasse i Oslo september 2013

10 ukers Daoistisk Qigong starter opp torsdag 5 september, 17:00-19:30

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Daoist Qigong

The Daoist Map of Inner Luminosity

Daoist Qigong is a spiritual practice cultivating the inner energy (qi) system of the body.
It aligns us to presence and being in the now.
By focusing on our breath we fuse our body mind consciousness for a natural balance in our every day lives.

Moving Qigong

The spontaneous movements of Daoist qigong strengthen the physical body, nurture the inner organs and gather more energy to cultivate inner stability.
Daoist Qigong consists of Standing postures, sitting, moving, spontaneous, and sleeping postures.

Standing Postures

To align, relax, open and stretch the body. To receive more energy, improve circulation and lubricate the joints.

Meditation and sitting qigong

By focusing simply on the breath we dissolve the polarity of yin and yang and merge with the primordial energy of the Dao.
The gentle subtle movements arise spontaneously to relax the body and mind completely allowing the innate seed of consciousness to awaken within.

Transforming negative emotions

We learn to observe and transform negative emotions as they appear. Reflecting on the elements in Chinese 5 element medical theory taught by Masters during the past 2000 years.
It is taught from Master to student through heart to heart transmission. Honored by a natural respect.


Qigong is a an experiential embodiment of pure profound practice, opening the path towards spiritual enlightenment.
A Deep Dao Dialogue with the self.

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