She Gong Summer Solstice 20th June 2020

She Gong Summer Solstice 

20th June  19:00-21:00

Welcome to gather on the summer solstice when the sun shines its radiance to the maximum for life and The One

Pamela will play the cosmic orchestra through She gong.



Be inspired to the energy of becoming.

19:00 - 21:00ish


19:00 Welcome Pamela

19.10 Special guest: Mathematics professor Snorre Christiansen (UIO) reads his poems on Dao and numbers "From here to infinity". He will also talk about his attempts to build bridges between maths and taiji, two martial arts rootet in nothingness (

19:30 Pamela plays She gong with the summer solstice

20:30 Summer Punch and Qi Tea will be served - bring something to eat for picnic table

21:00 Dao Disco

This is Norsk Taiji Senters Summer party and all of our students, old and new, are invited with friends and family to conclude the practice of another great year of Deep Dao Dialogue.

Entrance is free in celebration of our sticking together under the "Nasjonal Dugnad" in extraordinary times with Digital Dao Delivery.


Norsk Taiji Senter

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