NTS welcomes Wakatel Utiw "Wandering Wolf" Sept. 27th 18:00hrs Inter-cultural event

We are honoured to receive for the first time in Norway Leader of the Indigenous Council of the Americas,

Elder Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj

Join us for a Deep Dao Dialogue 27th September, 18:00hrs at Norsk Taiji Senter, Kirkegt 1-3.

Wakatel Utiw, as he is called, the Elder Alejandro Cirilo Pérez is coming with a message of peace and love for Mother Earth and for all human beings that live in it and will talk to Pamela Hiley, Warren Brodey and many others in the circle on "peace and intercultural exchange". 

Invited by our close friends The Embassy of Guatemala there will be a blessing of the Seeds of Silence Garden which was opened by the Guatemalan Ambassador earlier this spring. We are happy to build on our close friendship with Guatemala and continue our quest for more depth of understanding for humanities existence at this awakening and spiritual time. Previous sacred visits to the SOS Garden have come from Norway, China, Tibet and Bhutan.

"My words are friends and allies of peace, not of war, not of pollution. I wish and I fight for peace in the forests, peace in the waters of the oceans, lakes rivers, peace in Earth and among all human beings" 
- Elder Alejandro Cirilo Perez -

Full Program in Norway for Elder Alejandro Cirilo Perez

We are also happy to include Norwegian cultural contributions presenting the works of Åsmund Seip and Zia.

Åsmund Seip writes and performs for the Earth and with the Earth. As a poet and Spoken Word artist, Åsmund invites you to join him in a beautiful and powerful remembering of who we are – and where we are. In his latest project, 100 Days for the Earth, Åsmund explores our relationship with nature and each other, how we are nature, and how seeing the whole universe in a drop of water shows our potential as natural, empowered beings. 
For info – and to take part in crowdfunding Åsmund's new book, 100 Days for the Earth:   www.asmundseip.com

Zia is a Norwegian singer and songwriter who will accompany Åsmund as well as share a piece from her newly released album: "The Light Below" - music that takes you on a journey of the heart  www.zialand.net

Entrance Fee: Kr.150,- or donations
register: pamela@taiji.no 
info: 91160581

Warm welcome to what will be an exciting evening of Global Warming of the heart!

Pamela Hiley

Director Norsk Taiji Senter


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