Wisdom Together - Conscious Leadership Oslo 2017

Wisdom Together Oslo 2017 // "Conscious Leadership"
"Conscious Leadership"
 Oslo, Norway 20th-21st October 2017
At SALT art pavilions 

Dear friends

The Wisdom Together conference in Oslo is getting closer! 
We invite you to this extraordinary two day gathering that combines conference, workshops and wisdom practices in and around SALT Arena in Bjørvika, Oslo.

On October 20th - 21nd.


Otto Scharmer: Presencing Institute & MIT
Julia Kim: Gross National Happiness Center
Lorenzo Fioramonti: Univ. of Pretoria, adressing "Gross National Problem"
Thakur S Powdyel: Former Minister of Education in Bhutan
Ferose V.R: Global Executive SAP
Ove Jakobsen: Center for Ecological Economy and Ethics
Per Espen Stoknes: BI Norwegian School of Management
Michael de Vibe: Norwegian Inst. of Public Health & Mindfulness Researcher
Alfred Tolle: Wisdom Together Founder, ex Google
Pamela Hiley: Norwegian Taiji Center & Wisdom Oslo
Trond Riiber Knudsen: Founder and CEO of TRK Group.
Bjørn Kj. Haugland: Chief Sustainable Officer DNV GL Group
Lovleen Brihel Brenna: Seema 
Anne Beate Hovind: Project Director Bjørvika Utvikling
David Rothenberg: Musician and Philosopher
Peter Matthies: Founder of Conscious Business Institute

How can we elevate people and organizations through conscious leadership?
An extraordinary two day gathering that combines conference, workshops and wisdom practices in and around SALT Arena in Bjørvika, Oslo.

Explore vital topics in leadership

The world and its people are transforming rapidly. 'Business as usual' must transform too.

We know that organizations have the power to elevate people through good leadership. 
But what does it take to be a good leader? 
We know that the spirit of people is at the center of great innovations. But how do we ignite that spirit and allow it to shine? 
We know that learning is a catalyst for mental and behavioral shifts. But how do we stimulate sharing and learning? 
We know that the world expects business to think beyond profit and make an impact with a higher purpose. But how do we meet those expectations in a credible way?

Wisdom Together Oslo is part of the international non profit association Wisdom Together.


Nature Retreat 

October 22nd - 25th
As a follow-up to our Wisdom Together Conference "Consciousness in Business", taking place in Oslo October 20th-21st, we invite you to spend 4 days and 3 nights with us in the beautiful nature reserve of the Øyer mountain, just a couple of hours north of Oslo. Here, you will find yourself at the  One World Institute
A Retreat at the One World Institute will allow you to further reflect on the conference, while experiencing the incredible silence surrounding Hornsjø, the beauty of Norwegian nature and the special feeling of being in a land where in the fall, the days shorten day by day, allowing you to witness incredible sunrises and sunsets, and where at night, you just might see the Northern Lights.

What a better place to truly connect to yourself, to nature and to the beauty of the world all around you?

More info here

The Wisdom Together Oslo Team 




East West Concert:

At Salt October 21st. All Wisdom Together Oslo participants are invited!